ContiTech Heritage 

A Legacy of Trusted Performance

To those who want quality German engineering and a proven track record, ContiTech Heritage
 delivers, with rubber and plastics materials expertise backed by more than 140 years in the industry and a legacy of R&D excellence.  

Mining Applications

With a comprehensive product range, we cover all aspects of surface and underground mining.

Industrial Applications

As developer and original equipment manufacturer, the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group is a partner to many industries such as machine and plant engineering.

Agricultural Applications

Selected compounds make our grain belts e. g. fire retardant and appropriate for elevation or oily materials. Chose a belt matching the specific grain conveyed.

Special Applications

Creative solutions for various tasks in machine construction for lifting, conveying, driving, protecting and many other applications such as...

Steep Angle Conveyors

ContiTech provides conveyor belts for the horizontal, steep and vertical transport. The product range includes corrugated sidewall belts with cleats ...

Splicing and Repair Materials

Service material for optimum conveyor belt splices. Top quality for bonding, repairing and cleaning of conveyor belts, as well as wear protection.

Installing Service

We provide support through all stages of every order, worldwide.

Monitoring Systems

ContiTech CONTI® PROTECT and CONTI® INSPECT belt monitoring systems support conveyor belt operators by maximizing the safety...

Tools & Equipment

Tools used in the installation and repair of conveyor belt systems.