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340 million tons of good reasons for climate protection

By stepping up the use of conveyor belts in conveying raw materials, a reduction of 340 million tons of CO2 can be achieved in the next 30 years.

ContiClean® A-H

Having to clean the belts frequently can result in their premature wear, with unnecessary expenditures incurred for repair and replacment parts.

Curved Conveyor Belt System for Transporting Limestone

Vertical and horizontal curves enhance the absolutely precise running performance of the textile conveyor belt.

In Service in Jamaica – ContiTech Supplies Conveyor Belt for Bauxite

World's largest RopeCon® system ensures excellent environmental compatibility, very high safety and low operating and maintenance costs...

Full-Service in Ice and Snow

In the bitter cold of North Sweden, ContiTech provides support for one of the largest iron ore mines in the world – as a full-service supplier for conveyors.

With ContiTech out into the Caribbean Sea

Closed tube-shaped belt systems are particularly suitable for negotiating bends, are economic to run and help to protect the environment.

Sicon – Enclosed Conveying System that Protects the Materials and the Environment

Problems with small radius curves and with dust and spillage are a thing of the past with the Sicon belt. The Sicon conveyor belt folds to form a loop.