CONTIFLEX® Curved Conveyor System

The job: For conveyor systems, that have to adapt to existing routes and curves.

Filter Belts

The job: Continuous filtration process for use in separating solids from fluids.

Los Pelambres Copper Mining, Chile

The job: Manufacture of splicing for Conveyor Belts.

Closed-Trough Conveyor, MAN TAKRAF Inc. (Venezuela)

The job: Environmentally Friendly Conveyor System with several vertical and horizontal curves used to Supply an Offshore loading Platform for Freighters.

STAHLCORD® ST 1000 and 1800. Marti Technik AG, Switzerland

The job: Conveyor belt for the removal of several million cubic meters of material excavated during the construction...

STAHLCORD® ST 1800, Felswerke GmbH (Germany)

The job: Strong conveyor belt to transport limestone on a system with altitude differences of 134 meters...

STAHLCORD® ST 2100, KPC Indonesia

The job: An existing 13 km-long conveyor unit had to up capacity. This was to be achieved without conversion of the system by merely replacing the conveyor belt

STAHLCORD® ST 2500, Phosboucraa (Morocco)

The job: Conveyance of raw phosphate over a distance of 100 kilometers from inside the West Sahara through a rock desert to the shipment point on the coast.

STAHLCORD® ST 2800 and 5400 Climax, Molybdenium Company (USA)

The job: Switch from non-continuous transport to continuous belt conveyance of molybdenite ore at the Henderson project...

STAHLCORD® ST 4000, LKAB (Sweden)

The job: Iron ore conveyance from the mining location, at a depth of 1.7 kilometers, to the crushing and grinding plant, at a depth...

STAHLCORD® ST 4500, RWE Power (Germany)

The job: Conveyance of overburden and coal on large systems with a daily throughput of 240 000 m³ at RWE AG’s...

STAHLCORD® ST 6600, Palabora (South Africa)

The job: Conveyance of copper ore by means of an inclined shaft conveyor from the strip mining floor at a depth of...