Complete Solution for the Cement Industry

Perfect conveyor belt technology for every application worldwide

Our rubber processing expertise, combined with our skills in bonding this material to tensile members, enable us to produce heavy-duty belt constructions with special properties.

The extremely tough operating conditions that prevail in the cement industry mean that a variety of demands are placed upon the conveyor belts used. Thanks to our many years of experience in this special fi eld, we can offer complete solutions from one single source – for all ContiTech Conveyor Belts Perfect conveyor belt technology for every application worldwide phases of cement production, from quarrying to delivery, and a premium quality product every time. Our range includes textile and steel cord conveyor belts, specialpurpose conveyor belts and service materials.

We are aware of the importance of eco-friendly systems and conveyor technology, and consistently implement our ideas for a greener world. In addition to providing full consultancy and support, we also supply conveyor system maintenance and servicing.

As a partner of the cement industry, we guarantee optimum installation and supervision of the conveyor units and conveyor belts by our application engineers on site. We always use the latest technology to offer you technically and economically optimized conveyor solutions that are geared to the application in question.

Quality and Environment

Conveyor belts are a suitable means of transporting raw materials and other bulk materials in large quantities from A to B within a short space of time. Higher efficiency, a major reduction in CO2 emissions and in energy consumption, virtually no negative impact on the natural environment, and the possibility, under ideal circumstances, of generating electric power as well – these are a number of the ways ContiTech conveyor belt systems can serve the environment and, at the same time, provide economic benefits.

Our conveyor belts are wear-resistant, low-maintenance, almost noise-free and require only a little energy. Our products thus lower the overall expense of handling materials in the long term.