Mining Applications

Top Performance Non-Stop – Above and Below Ground

With a comprehensive product range, we cover all aspects of surface and underground mining. As a recognized international partner, we support our customers with reliable and economic conveyor belt technology worldwide.


STAHLCORD® conveyor belts have a layer of high-strength steel cords in a planar arrangement and embedded in rubber.

Textile Conveyor Belts

Tailor-made for the most varied of applications. All strength classes and cover stock grades, depending on the requirements.

Heat Control System

Modular System with HEAT CONTROL Isolation layer

Flame Retardant Conveyor Belts

Current test standards for fire and safety requirements on fabric and steel cord conveyor belts...


FLEXOWELL® – Conveyor belts for steep inclined and vertical conveying: faster, cleaner, economical.


Pocketlift® technology is giving mining engineers and operators the opportunity for a continuous mass flow over several hundred meters lift height.


The SICON® conveyor belt is made of a highly flexible rubber capable of forming a pear-shaped “pouch”: Clean, safe, and curve negotiable up to 180°.

Pipe Conveyors

Systems for especially tight curves and high productivity.


The system is part conveyor belt and part ropeway, thus making large differences in altitude possible with few support points.