Flame Retardant Conveyor Belts

Safe, secure and dependable

Fire Retardant Componds 

Compound Description
Coaline Coaline off­ers high performance belts optimal in applications aboveground where flame retardant is required or non-coal mining underground applications. Coaline belts are fully ozone, UV and abrasion resistant and meets the ASTM D378 Part. 13.2 specifications
Coaline OR Takes all security conditions of Coaline and reaches outstanding performance even when handles materials with moderate amounts of oil.
Coaline OR belts meet the ASTM D378 Part. 13.2 specifications for flame retardant.
DIN K High performance conveyor flame retardant belts, best choice when increased safety level is required. DINK Belts improves until 25% better abrasion resistance while retaining all the advantages FR belts and meets DIN K and ASTM D378 Part 13.2 specifications
FireSentinel Sentinel A high performance compound specifically engineered for the demanding underground coal mining market.
FireSentinel is unmatched in cut and gouge resistance and meets MSHA CFR Title 30, Part 14 fire retardance standards.