Monitoring Systems Overview

High-Performance Belt Monitoring Systems

ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group offers a wide range of steel cord and textile conveyor belts, carefully matched service material as well as special products and belt monitoring systems.

ContiTech CONTI® PROTECT and CONTI® INSPECT belt monitoring systems support conveyor belt operators by maximizing the safety and the lifetime of their belts and ensure system reliability and availability.

Belt Monitoring SystemsSplice Elongation Measurement Splice Elongation Measurement Belt Thickness Measurement Belt Rip Detection Cord Condition Monitoring Belt Surface Inspection
Belt Protection Systems

The CONTI® PROTECT series detects and prevents costly conveyor belt damage. The CONTI® PROTECT was developed in-house and manufactured according to automotive standards.
The series consists of:

  • Belt Rip Detection
  • Splice Elongation Measurement
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Belt Inspection Systems

The CONTI® INSPECT range minimizes downtime, increases belt lifetime and system availability.
ContiTech offers:

  • Belt Thickness Measurement
  • Belt Surface Inspection
  • Cord Condition Monitoring
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Our systems produce a customized belt map according to your requirements and report all important belt-related data.

We offer installation support for all our systems. For the CONTI® PROTECT systems we offer on-site service as well as online support. If required, we take care of the complete inspection of your conveyor belt with the help of our CONTI® INSPECT systems.

Your Benefits

  • Prevent costly damage
  • Prevent downtime incidents
  • Increase belt lifetime
  • Increase system availability and reliability
  • Flexible operation according to your requirements